Dr. Ashley Hampton - Veterinarian


Dr. Ashley Hampton is a valued veterinarian at Academy East Veterinary Hospital.

Dr. Ashley Hampton was born and raised in beautiful Lewisburg, West Virginia. Her parents were avid dog breeders, starting with Dachshunds and later transitioning to Chow Chows. Dr. Hampton's mom used to joke that she was raised teething on dog tails. Her extensive work with her parents gave her so much exposure to the world of animal care that becoming a veterinarian rapidly developed into her life's goal. After many years of hard work, Dr. Hampton graduated from the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in 1999.

Dr. Hampton has enjoyed many years in private practice, working in both general day practices and emergency practices. Her emergency work was mostly in practices coupled with referral clinics which allowed her exposure to multiple specialists who helped grow her knowledge base and improve her skill level even further. Dr. Hampton began her veterinary career in North Carolina, but life choices eventually took her to Maryland and Virginia for many wonderful years. Still, her love of the south and the hope of raising her daughter in a progressive yet peaceful setting eventually drew her back to North Carolina and the lovely city of Apex. She has fallen in love with her new home, all the opportunities it has brought to her and her family, as well as the access it has granted them to beaches and lakes and mountain getaways!

Dr. Hampton is very dedicated to all aspects of veterinary medicine, but her most fervent interests include dermatology, senior pet care, and dentistry. She is fascinated by cardiac and abdominal ultrasound and is eager to further her training in this very needed area of expertise. She is a firm believer in being content with her career but always continuing to improve herself. To her, she will never be too old to learn and better who she is as both a doctor and a person.

Dr. Hampton is fortunate to be surrounded daily by her husband Matthew, her daughter Lila, her 4 dogs JoJo, Lola, Gryff, and Brooklyn, and her incredibly cute guinea pig named Chip. The family is currently toying with the idea of adding a feline friend to the pack and Lila is determined they should be proud owners of a rabbit (one that is preferably very large in size with floppy ears). In her downtime, Dr. Hampton loves to read, garden, hike, swim, and have plenty of couch time with her extremely snuggly dogs. And nothing beats chilly fall evenings sitting on the front porch and just letting life soak in.

Dr. Hampton is extremely excited to be joining the Academy East Veterinary Hospital team and anxious to meet all the wonderful and fascinating pets and people who help make our clinic great.